2D and 3D content development services


Inception of all great things, starts from an idea. An idea can strike anywhere because the mind never stops thinking! We are here to serve those surprising challenges to create a lasting impact with the best possible creative solutions.



From Dreams to Designs!

iCube Design Studios is a Mumbai based team of inspirational thinkers and artists who provide international standard Computer Graphic Solutions, ranging from 2D & 3D Content Development for Games to Features and Commercials. Brands and agencies from all over India and overseas come to us for Motion Graphics, Branding, Concept Visualization, Web Designing and Illustrations. We provide complete assistance from pre-production, production to post-production in 2D and 3D content development services.

We, at iCube Design Studios bring to life, the million thoughts that collide in your head and aptly turn your vision into visuals. It is a team of innovative artists offering a total experience of stunning execution through the highest levels of ingenuity in this ICE Age (Information, Communication and Entertainment).







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